Lessons that Matter: What should we learn from Asia’s school systems?

The lessons from Asian education systems do not relate to what helped them achieve their high scores on international comparative tests, but to the efforts they have engaged in over the past few  decades to transform their educational practices.  Read more about it here.

A Robot Couldn't Do My Job, Could It?

Remember Walter Cronkite's signature sign off on CBS - "And that's the way it is." Now think of a robot taking over and sounding as human as him. Read here

ESSA Trends In School Support & Improvement

If we want to improve schools and communities, we need to first meet students where they are. Could we all agree? A breakdown by Knowledge Works

Introducing Units For U.S. History

My daughter is learning how to read informational text via Newsela in 2nd grade. This site is phenomenal, it is now introducing units for U.S. History per grade level. More on it  here

Digital Portfolios For Any Classroom

Here's an app that allows you to be an engaged parent - seesaw